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HPLC column manufacturer

Partisil® and Partisphere® HPLC Column Range Acquired by Hichrom Limited


Hichrom Limited are pleased to announce the acquisition of the Partisil and Partisphere HPLC column consumable product line from Whatman, a division of GE Healthcare.  Based in the UK, Hichrom are a leading European manufacturer and distributor of HPLC columns, consumables and media, with manufacturing facilities accredited to both ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environmental) standards.


Hichrom have worked closely with GE Healthcare during the manufacture of these products for a number of years and, as such, manufacturing protocols, product specifications and part numbers will remain unaffected by the acquisition.


Hichrom are pleased to confirm that Partisil and Partisphere column pricing has remained unchanged from the 2012 GE Healthcare US List Price.


Partisil and Partisphere products are no longer available from GE Healthcare and customers are requested to contact Hichrom directly to confirm their local distributor

NB: Partisil columns in non standard dimensions not previously offered by Whatman/GE Healthcare will continue to be manufactured by Hichrom following this acquisition.  Please contact us for further details.


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